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5 Reasons Taking Probiotics Is Vital for Optimal Health

Wondering whether you should be taking probiotics? Research has shown again and again that probiotics are absolutely vital for optimal health. However, the medical world is only just starting to comprehend how widespread the benefits of probiotic supplements are throughout our bodies. Since it would be impossible to list all the ways that taking probiotics


Hydrotherapy: an Amazingly Simple Way to Boost Your Immunity in Just 15 Seconds a Day

Ever heard of the term hydrotherapy? Well, if you haven’t then you are surely missing out on something marvelous. For starters, hydrotherapy refers to the use of water i.e in any forms of water be it water, ice or steam, for the purposes of treating various diseases and improving general health and wellness. Well, there

Did Your Car Just Break Down?

Did Your Car Just Break Down? (Last Updated 12 October, 2017) Recently a friend sent me this in an email.  He was telling me about an experience he had when he used to live in Las Vegas. Seemed an interesting story. One night at a party, people took turns explaining how they happened to wind [ ] The post Did Your Car Just Break Down? appeared first on PhilFAQs.

How to Perform Chakra Cleansing with These Natural Methods

If you feel ill-at-ease spiritually, you probably need a dose of chakra cleansing. Spring clean your soul, just as you would your home. Chakra cleansing helps with the former. We introduce you to the different chakras and how to clear them the natural, life-giving way. What is Chakra? A chakra is the body’s energy center.

Top 10 Fulfilling Jobs According to Psychology – Is Your Profession on the List?

This list of the most fulfilling jobs may surprise you, yet, it is based on the results of psychological studies. Is your profession on the list? Does your job make you leap out of bed every morning? Do you look forward to going to work and cannot wait to start the day? It’s true, we

7 Signs You Are Going through Quarter Life Crisis (and How to Deal with It)

Everyone has gone through a quarter life crisis at some point in their life. This period usually kicks in between 20 and 30 years of age, marking the final step towards becoming an adult. This can be a terrifying period for many young people who don’t have a clue about what to do with themselves.

Philippine Cost Of Living — Can I Live in the Philippines on $1300 a Month?

Can I Live in the Philippines on $1300 a Month? It’s been a little while since I wrote here on PhilFAQS, especially about Philippine Cost Of Living. For background and historical review, I ve written a lot about Philippine cost of living in the past, if you want more, just type in Philippine Cost of Living [ ] The post Philippine Cost Of Living — Can I Live in the Philippines on $1300 a Month? appeared first on PhilFAQs.

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