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Acid Reflux: Its Symptoms and How to Treat It Naturally

Many patients share that acid reflux is frustrating and painful. Moreover, not being able to digest food is quite unbearable. A relative of mine who has acid reflux relates that he has to forgo many of his favorite dishes, such as fried chicken because he would throw them up. What is this condition, and how does

This is a new day and a new time. Times are changing and time waits for no man.
There is a Global Financial Revolution going on right now. People are discovering the value of Bitcoin.
What is it and what can it do for you?
Bitcoin is a digital currency used to pay for a variety of goods and services. In many ways, it works the same as paper money with some key differences.The currency’s primary form is data so you trade it online, peer to peer, using wallet software or an online service.

Yeah I know you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, feeling broke, busted and just plain disgusted.
I used to think the purpose of a job was to keep you OUT OF DEBT. But as I’ve grown older I see most jobs keep you in debt.
Here’s a way out of this debt cycle.
We are now in a new Global economy. A Revolution is in process right now as we speak. It’s a Bitcoin Wealth Revolution. Those who get on board now, will reap the benefits of financial independence and abundant wealth in the future.

10 Signs You Are Dealing with an Attention Seeker

An attention seeker is someone who acts solely in a way that is geared towards garnering the attention of other people. The attention they get makes them feel better about themselves, boosts their self-esteem, and it doesn’t matter if that attention is good or bad. Some people can’t help but seek attention, and they can

Avoidance Behavior: Everything you Need to Know About This Relationship Killer

You know how you distance yourself in relationships from fear of being rejected? Yes, that’s one form of Avoidance behavior. There are healthy relationships and then there are dysfunctional ones as well. Then there is something in between these two, which creates a tense atmosphere of uncertainty. Something called avoidance behavior can make otherwise perfectly

If You Still Don’t Know Why Recycling Is Important, We Need to Talk

It’s easier for us to assume that everyone knows why recycling is important, even though there is overwhelming statistics that indicate it’s not true. You would think by now everyone would be on top of their recycling game, we have been talking about it for well over 50 years. Rather than bore you with another

8 Buddhist Practices That Will Change Your Life Forever

How the morning begins decides how the rest of your day will go, so start yours well with a few life-changing Buddhist practices. I found that these simple Buddhist practices have helped me focus better on my work than before. They have also helped me get through sleepless nights. We don’t have to make earth-shaking

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