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What Causes Constipation And What Foods And Activities To Avoid

If you have that bloated feeling or can’t move your bowels, you’ll want to know what causes constipation. Not being able to visit the bathroom can leave you miserable. You lose your appetite and have a perpetual heaviness in your stomach. Here’s some insight into what causes constipation and what you can do to avoid


5 Signs You Have a Fear of Intimacy (and What Could Be Hiding Behind It)

People often pin the failure of a relationship on a fear of intimacy. But what does this actually mean? Fear of intimacy is often mistaken for the inability to be close to a romantic or sexual partner. However, a fear of intimacy is actually a social phobia and anxiety disorder where you are afraid of

Anxiety in Children: What Causes it and How to Recognize the Early Symptoms

Does your child seem to stress and worry about everything? Well, anxiety in children can be more common than you think, and it might be happening in your family. I never realized how anxious I was as a child until I grew older. Considering my anxiety was something I endured from as long as I

Brain Foods That Will Enhance Your Memory and Mental Power

The brain is the organ that enables others to function and is the body part with the most responsibilities. Consequently, we need brain foods to keep it going. The brain stores your memory and consciousness. It also guides your concentration, so it’s imperative that you keep it healthy. As you can see, it deals with

5 Reasons Trust in a Relationship Is Important (and How We Can Cultivate It)

Trust in a relationship is an essential part of any partnership. But if I asked you what was most important in a relationship you would might say love. Of course, love is important. Loving someone makes us feel connected and valued, so where does trust come into it? According to the Relationships Surveys Indicators 2011,

Valentine’s Day: Tainted Jewelry Supply Chains – YouTube

Jewelry and watch companies need to do more to ensure that their supply chains are free of human rights abuse, ahead of Valentine’s Day. In addition, civil s…

What Forward Head Posture Is Doing to Your Health and How to Fix It

Forward head posture is a condition that affects a great number of people today. As with many other health issues faced by modern people, a sedentary lifestyle is to blame. Ah, computers, the wonders of modern technology that allow us to communicate, travel, pretty much do many things at the click of a button and

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